The Miller’s Debt

Уровень: 2

Тип квеста: solo, short

Локация: The Harbor

Набор заданий: бесплатно

Патрон: The Coin Lords

Квестодатель: Berrigan Enge (показать на карте)

Польза: 2

Опыт: ♣273 ♦0 ♥0 ♠0

Сложность: 0

Мобы и боссы: Iron Defender

Информация на английском: DDO Wiki

There is an oft-repeated joke in the Harbor: ‘What’s the difference between a thief and a Coin Lord? The thief picks your pocket from behind.’
Coin Lord Berrigan Enge told you about a miller who has failed to pay his taxes for two years, and who must now forfeit the goods he offered the Coin Lords as a security on his debt. Search the miller's house in Aspirant's Square for the goods he owes the Coin Lords. Find the Miller Speak with the Miller Collect the goods (Optional) Destroy Ironspike! (5 percent of base XP)