Stop Hazadill’s Shipment

Уровень: 2

Тип квеста: short, time limit

Локация: The Harbor

Набор заданий: бесплатно

Патрон: The Free Agents

Квестодатель: Baudry Cartamon (показать на карте)

Польза: 2

Опыт: ♣204 ♦364 ♥388 ♠412

Сложность: 0

Мобы и боссы: Kobold Shaman, Witch Doctor Zeef

Информация на английском: DDO Wiki

Hazadil is widely reputed to be a smuggler and a criminal, but for some reason the City Guard refuses to intervene.
After talking to Baudry Cartamon: "Baudry was incensed by the bugbear's assault on his warehouse, and now he wants revenge! Hazadill Rockgrinder is about to transport a shipment of goods stolen from an expedition site in the jungles of Xen'Drik. To destroy the shipment, first seek out Harmon Taft outside Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse, to the east of the Wayward Lobster." After talking to Harmon Taft: "Harmon Taft asked you to enter Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse and destroy fifty crates filled with stolen goods. This will keep the shipment away from Hazadill's shadowy masters, and inflict grievous harm on Baudry's business rival in the process." Chapter 2 of the story arc A Man Named Baudry Cartamon. Smash Hazadill's shipping crates (50 total) Finish before time runs out (10 minutes) (Optional) Slay Witch Doctor Zeef (20% of base XP) What to Expect Trap (fixed) Timed quest (10 minutes) Quest failure (if fewer than 50 crates are destroyed before the time runs out)