Retrieve the Stolen Goods

Уровень: 2

Тип квеста: medium

Локация: The Harbor

Набор заданий: бесплатно

Патрон: The Free Agents

Квестодатель: Baudry Cartamon (показать на карте)

Польза: 3

Опыт: ♣348 ♦628 ♥676 ♠724

Сложность: 0

Мобы и боссы: Kobold Thrower, Kobold Warrior, kobold, Kobold Sneak, Dog, Kobold Shaman, Kobold Rogue

Информация на английском: DDO Wiki

The bugbear Hazadil has outschemed Baudry Cartamon, but if you move quickly you can still rescue Baudry’s artifact.
After talking to Baudry Cartamon: "When you returned to Baudry, he was too angry to speak coherently. He told you to speak with Harmon Taft again, who is still loitering outside Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse." After talking to Harmon Taft: "Hazadill leaked the information about the stolen goods as a ruse! While you and Harmon wrecked Hazadill's crates, Hazadill pilfered a very precious object from Baudry's warehouse. This object is now guarded by a legion of kobolds in Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse. Return to Hazadill's warehouse and retrieve Baudry's lost property." Chapter 3 of the story arc A Man Named Baudry Cartamon. Retrieve Coin Lord Amanatu's container (Optional) Slay Churnak (15% of base XP) (Optional) Slay Kharnos (15% of base XP) (Optional) Slay Garzad (15% of base XP) (Optional) Slay Hurleb (15% of base XP)