Recovering the Lost Tome

Уровень: 2

Тип квеста: medium

Локация: The Harbor

Набор заданий: бесплатно

Патрон: The Coin Lords

Квестодатель: Dalsamira Courdry (показать на карте)

Польза: 3

Опыт: ♣476 ♦862 ♥932 ♠1001

Сложность: 0

Мобы и боссы: Fire Mephit, Skeleton, Skeleton Swordsman, Elf Zombie, Zombie, Skeleton Skirmisher

Информация на английском: DDO Wiki

For the Twelve, the accumulation of arcane knowledge is a goal surpassing all others.
Dalsamira Courdry instructed you to steal a magical tome back from the private Fallowcrest Library. Once Dalsamira sends you to the library, try to find and recover the tome with as little conflict as possible. The library is in the Stormreach Harbor near Nyx the Drow and Dalsamira is in front of it (moved in update 19 from the lighthouse). Speak with the librarian Follow the librarian to the books Wait for the librarian to leave Search the shelves for Dalsamira's stolen tome -Click the bookshelves that light up to advance the quest once the librarian leaves. Survive Eldamir's traps and find his secret library -Click the bookshelves in the secret room to collect the stolen tome. Do not leave without Dalsamira's book