Уровень: 2

Тип квеста: solo, short

Локация: The Harbor

Набор заданий: бесплатно

Патрон: The Coin Lords

Квестодатель: Berne Jorn (показать на карте)

Польза: 2

Опыт: ♣173 ♦0 ♥0 ♠0

Сложность: 0

Информация на английском: DDO Wiki

Spiders and other predatory vermin are a natural part of Xen'drik’s ecology. But try telling that to Berne Jorn!
Heavy rains in past weeks forced a spider swarm to shelter in the Jorn family crypt. Berne Jorn is deathly afraid of spiders and is too scared to enter the tomb. It has been days since anyone paid respects, and he fears reprisals from his ancestors. Enter the crypt and clean it out! Clear the Eastern Wing (10 spiders total) Clear the Northern Wing (10 spiders total) Clear the Southern Wing (10 spiders total) Slay Brown Spider Queen (Failure) Break fewer than 10 sarcophagi What to Expect Spawning/respawning monsters Quest failure (if more than 9 sarcophagi are destroyed)