Talbron Tewn

Talbron Tewn


Раса: Warforged

Профессия: Companion

Регион: The Harbor

Локация: Shipwreck Shore, The Grotto, Misery's Peak, The Harbor, The Inspired Quarter (Wylkes Manor), House Cannith Enclave

Talbron is a sorcerer that will guide through your first adventures in The Grotto. He and his party then helps you by distracting Aussircaex while you go in search of the Quori Mindsunder. After that, he becomes the Sorcerer trainer in the Harbor, just outside the Wayward Lobster. You will also encounter him again in the Inspired Quarter, inside the Wylkes Manor, taking care of a magically sick Jeets Shimis. He sends you to find out the reason of his state. Much later, you can see him at House Cannith Enclave, near the gate to the Marketplace. He wants some help to come with him to the Mournlands.